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Crypto Rewards Global Bank

CBR Bank

Control the volatility of CBR Token price and ensure the benefits for members.

What is CBR Bank?

CBR Bank is an algorithm for controlling the volatility of CBR Token price. Due to this algorithm, the price of CBR Token is stabilized by reducing or increasing interest rates and interventions on the market. Thanks to this mechanism, everyone can get CBR Token for free as an interest for their own balance assets in CBR, without transferring funds to anyone.


What is CBR Bank Parking?

Parking is a confirmation of the intention of CBR Token holder not to bring the coins from the wallet to the market within the specified period of time. This intention is confirmed by the CBR Token owner by creating an application in the CBR Bank algorithm.

How CBR Bank works?

How does CBR Bank control CBR Token volatility?

To stabilize the price of CBR Token, the CBR Bank algorithm increases or reduces interest rates for parking operations depending on the supply and demand on the market.

Where is the money for paying interest coming from?

CBR Bank makes payments on parking operations at the expense of its own reserves. Reserves are formed due to fixed percentage of deductions made by miners in favor of CBR Bank for each successfully solved block of CBR Token.

Objective of CBR Bank establishing

The objective of CBR Bank is to regulate volatility of CBR Token on the market in order to create the prerequisites for the development of CBR Token as a global mean of payment and reserve currency on the blockchain technology.

Parking Package

6 Months
12 Month
24 Month
36 Month

Park Calculator

Parking Type:

Parking Type:

Minimum 1000 CBR

Parking Rate:


% /month

Expected Return


CBR /month
  • 1. Parking bonus will pay daily.
  • 2. Parking capital will be return when finish the contract.
  • 3. Parking amount will deduct from Rewards Token Balance (in case any) and then Token Balance.