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Decentralized Application Ecosystem

Decentralized Application Ecosystem

Enjoy more benefits with our decentralized application technology and ecosystem.

What is dApp?

A decentralized application, or DApp, is an application that runs on a peer-to-peer network of computers, as opposed to a single computer. The key benefit of this is, users of the network no longer depend on a central computer in-order to send and receive information.

what is dapp

IT Ecosystem

An IT ecosystem is the network of organizations that drives the creation and delivery of information technology products and services.

Unlike another platform, Crypto Rewards Global's Ecosystem is based on our partners, investors, customers or our own platform. We will provide API documents which allow developer to accept our token as their payment method.


Token Contribution

We only have 3,000,000 Tokens in total, and we will sharing 90% (2,700,000 Token) to our community (partners, investors and customers). For the rest 10% (300,000 Token) will keep for company to operate on our project.

Token Contribution

API Document


We have combined our dApp with Ethereum platform, so our API is based on Etherscan.io except current price.

Current Price Token Transfer Events Specific Token Transfer Events For Address

Preparing Wallet

When you have CBR token on your wallet, you can withdraw your dApp token to your ether wallet.

You can add our dApp token to your wallet to see remaining balance throw the following parameters:

Token Name
Crypto Rewards Global
Token Symbol
Token Decimals

Our Road Map